Multiplication and Division Units (Grade 4/5)

Grade 4/5

From Mr. Wendler

This is an example of how I organize my bansho unit.  Instead of looking at all the possible strategies for each individual lesson (or question), I have tried to create a flow for the whole unit.  This makes it easier for me to see where things are going.  Although I let the work of the students, and any misconceptions that arise, actually guide the direction of my lessons; I find it helpful to have a sort of “plan” on hand.

The Unit Plan:
This is my Multiplication and Division unit plan (You have to scroll all the way down for the division part):

BANSHO Multiplication – Division Unit

Division:  Here are some simple worksheets that help students see the connections between the Grouping strategy, the Traditional Long strategy and the Traditional Short strategy:
Division – traditional long – wrksht
Division – traditional short – wrksht

These are examples of tests used at the end of the unit (a summative assessment), divided into the four categories of assessment (Knowledge, Thinking, Communication, and Application).  Because of how the tests are set up, they sometimes rely on teachers to use their professional judgement to evaluate the thinking or communication component.  At first this can be a bit intimidating, but once you have marked a few you quickly get a sense of work that shows that a students “gets” the concepts (show a good or thorough understanding) or not.  I have included some answer sheets of some tests to help give a sense of what I am looking for at different levels.

Mostly Multiplication Test Grade 4 2012
Mostly Multiplication Test Grade 5 2012

Mostly Division Test Grade 5 2012

Mostly Division Test Grade 5 2012 with answers
Mostly Multiplication Test Grade 5 2012
Mostly Multiplication Test Grade 5 2012 with answers

Mostly Division Test Grade 4 2
Mostly Division Test Grade 5

Possible modified tests for students on IEP’s:
Mostly Multiplication Test Grade 5 mod A 2012
Mostly Multiplication Test Grade 5 mod B 2012
Mostly Division Test Grade 5 Mod 2012
Mostly Division Test Grade 5 Mod 2012 B

In the Classroom:
This is what it looks like in the class:

Multiplication Unit – student work 2012-2013
multiplication unit – student work
Multiplication Unit – student work 2010-2011

Division – Student Work
Division – Student Work 2012-2013

See the plan in action on the ‘Multiplication’ and ‘Division’ pages at:


17 Responses to Multiplication and Division Units (Grade 4/5)

  1. Christine Vanderhoek says:

    I would love to see the multiplication and division pages for teachers – it says it is no longer available. Can we access this information?
    Christine Vanderhoek
    Gr 3/4 teacher

  2. Karen says:

    I l
    ove teaching math!!!! This is my first year teaching a 4/5 classroom, and really appreciate the units you have posted! Thank-you so much for sharing your work. You have inspired me to write my tests in this fashion.

  3. Jaime says:

    I just started following your site and I am truly grateful. Thank you for posting the student work. I find it helpful seeing potential outcome in order to think of good questions to promote discussion during consolidation. Thank you again!

  4. Maria Galdeano says:

    I started following your site a month ago. I´m very interested in Bansho and thats why I found out your site. It is very helpful for me to see your students’ work, thank you. I have seen your Test Grade and I would like to see the criteria you are going to use to assess your students.Could that be possible? Thank you very much.

  5. DTomietto says:

    Love this site – it is a godsend as I’m teaching my first split this year (5/6). Thanks so much for sharing your creations, strategies and thanks also to your students for allowing us to view their work. It is clear that you love math & teaching:)

  6. Amanda says:

    Thank you so much for posting everything you do… this is my first time teaching a combined grade math class and I wasn’t sure how I was going to tackle multiplication and division with all the different levels and abilities in my class. The progression of strategies is logical, and so helpful!! The Bansho method lines up with our assessment descriptors perfectly- there’s no guess work if a student understands concepts, applies strategies, and communicates their understanding. I could never have thought of teaching this unit in this way on my own. You saved me! Looking forward to trying out your other units… Many thanks again!! mwah!!

  7. TanyaM says:

    I appreciate the way in which the site is set up and I come back to it year after year in order to use your well-organized and fun information. I also love that I can edit my students’ names into your big questions. Thanks for all you do!

  8. Julie says:

    Hi – I am wondering where I can find an example of the multiplication and division strategies you taught. Thanks!

    • mrwendler says:

      Sure, if you look under the “Numeration” tab, there is a page called “Multiplication and Division Unit (grade 4/5)” and on that page if you scroll down you will find links called “Multiplication unit – student work” and “Division – student work” where you will find all the strategies we used.
      Also check out the video under the “Videos” tab, called “Multiplication Strategies”. Hope that helps.

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