Measurement Unit: Area and Perimeter (Grade 4/5)

Area (and perimeter)
BANSHO measurement – area gr 4-5 – Teacher copy

Measurement Test perimeter & area grade 4 2011
Measurement Test perimeter & area grade 5 2011

Measurement Test perimeter & area grade 4 – easier 2012
Measurement Test perimeter & area grade 5 – easier 2012

Measurement Test perimeter & area grade 4 – easier 2018-2019
Measurement Test perimeter & area grade 5 – easier 2018-2019

Possible modified tests for students with IEP’s:
Measurement Test perimeter & area mod 2011
Measurement Test perimeter & area mod2 2011

See the unit in action at:

or see it as a word document here:

Perimeter and area unit – example in the class
Perimeter and Area – Student Work – Bansho 2011-2012

10 Responses to Measurement Unit: Area and Perimeter (Grade 4/5)

  1. shazia says:

    very amazing i leaned like a lot

  2. Sabrina says:

    Thanks for all the amazing stuff. It’s very useful and helpful! I was wonderful if you had levelled answers or examples for the grade 4 easier test- the question with the irregular polygon with “Fred”- just curious what a 1, 2, 3 and 4 would look like? Thank you!

    • mrwendler says:

      I don’t have examples that are ready to be put up on the blog, but I can tell you the difference between a level 2, 3 and 4 might look like this:
      level 2: He is wrong, the “?” is longer than 6 m. (no explanation)
      level 3: He is wrong, the answer is 9 m. I know this because I looked at the other side. (right answer, mediocre explanation)
      level 4: He is wrong, the answer is 9 m. Opposite sides have to be equal, one side is 12 m, so the other side must be 3 + ? = 12. (right answer, clear explanation – perhaps using algebra)

  3. Dave Martel says:

    Would be more helpful if the diagrams were to scale. The square is represented by a rectangle. The column is 3 metres wide, though it is represented in the diagram as a fifth of nine metres. Most of the diagrams are way out of scale For a unit on measurement, this is confusing for kids.

    • mrwendler says:

      True. But it is a great opportunity to talk about “math drawings”. Math drawings often being quickly drawn, not to scale, but we use the information labeled to do the work. The work is also in Word, so that it can be adjusted and changed as needed. If you re-scale the work and want to send it to me, I would be glad to post it.

  4. stephanie says:

    Hi – Do you have the answer for the Grade 5 Test 2011 – What would the Perimeter be for that figure? Many of my students found the area of the entire rectangle minus the side with the school wall.

    • mrwendler says:

      I’m sorry I don’t have a teacher copy on the site. At some point I may get around to making them for all the tests. But the tests for me (in my class) change and adapt every year, and my “teacher copy” is often written on a photocopy and kept in a binder.
      As for the question, I believe it’s the question about the kindergarten play area. If they calculate the perimeter using the wall, I often saw it as a level 3 (which would be 83 m), and if they were careful to not include the school wall (which would me 73 m) I would consider it a level 4.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  5. Kelly says:

    I just want to say that I have been using your lessons and materials for about 3 years now and they are AWESOME! All the new fancy stuff modern resources that cost thousands of dollars do not compare. This is simple, straightforward and engaging. Easy for me to use as a teacher and easy for the kids to learn and apply. I use this for the core of my math and supplement other resources to top up, reinforce and practise. I realised I had not officially thanked you and wanted to do so. THANK YOU!!!!

    • mrwendler says:

      Hi Kelly, I have to say I really appreciate your comment. I really enjoyed putting this resource together, and I find it to be a strong core for my math as well. It makes me smile to know that others are getting use out of it as well. Thanks for the positive comments.

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